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Wasps are one of the ecological-balancing pests and thus Bee Wasp Removal Brisbane takes a different set of actions to remove them. In fact, we state our commitment to humane Wasp Removal Gold Coast services on every call we receive for bookings. Utilising the right removal methods, equipment and solutions, our wasp specialists remove wasps and their nests with ease, while also meeting the set safety standards.

Also, we are proud to offer our assistance for eco-friendly wasp removal as we do not want to disturb the ecosystem, making it a win-win for everyone. Yes, certain wasp species are known for their aggressive behaviour. However, we do have a different and specialist wasp removal Gold Coast team that can capably handle their removal along with their nests. So, prioritise removing wasps by calling today on 07 2104 1918!

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    Common Wasps You Get To See In Gold Coast

    European Wasp

    It is an invasive species of wasps that builds its nests in wall cavities, trees and underground.

    Paper Wasp

    Usually found in Gold Coast properties that are attached to braces and eaves as they build their papery nests there.

    Yellow Jacket Wasp

    Known for their aggressive behaviour, yellow jacket wasps build their nests in the ground.

    Mud Dauber Wasp

    These are solitary wasps and then go by their name when they build their nests, that is, they generally build their nests with mud.

    Potter Wasp

    These are not aggressive and pose no threat to humans build vase-shaped nests with mud on your property.

    Aerial Yellowjacket

    Usually build their aerial nests in shrubs and trees but are not as common as European wasps.

    Wasps Infestations & A List Of Risks

    Stings & Allergic Reactions

    When aggressive, wasps sting people and their sting can be very painful and intolerable when multiple wasps sting at once. In severe cases, the wasp sting can be a cause of severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis.

    Health & Other Risks

    Their love for sweet foods and drinks attracts them to your outdoor picnics, and meals, contaminating your food in their hunt. In addition to this, wasps threaten the safety of your kids and pets and pose the risk of stings.

    Property Damages

    Species like European wasps build their nests in basements and wall cavities, damaging the structure of your property. Moreover, wasps disrupt your outdoor activities by building their nests in hollow trees, making gardening an off-limit.

    Nuisance & Mental Health

    The presence of wasps can be a very big nuisance as they try entering your place in search of food and other sources. This in turn can take a toll on your mental health, leading you through anxiety and stress of being stung by wasps.

    Disease Transmission

    Although their sting cannot cause any disease, they create unsanitary conditions and this in turn leads to disease transmission. Therefore, you should always seal your food in airtight containers in order to prevent wasps from contaminating them.

    Be Aware Of Signs Of Wasp Infestation

    Buzzing Noises

    An inevitable sign of wasp infestation at your Gold Coast property is distinct buzzing noises around you. Typically, you would hear wasp buzzing noises in your garden, attacks, wall cavities, rafters, etc.

    Increases Wasp Activity

    You see a noticeable increase in the number of wasps on your property, especially outdoors and during warm months. This increase in wasp activity creates a lot of problems like threatening your safety, wasp stings and more.

    Visible Nests & Their Material

    A clear indication of wasp infestation vary from size, location, and nesting material and also depends on the species of wasps. Some of the most common visible areas of wasp nests are under eaves, in wall cavities, in the ground and in shrubs.

    Disturbed Lawns

    Wasps have a usual diet of consuming fruits, flower nectar, vegetables, insects, pests and caterpillars. Thus, wasps disturb and damage your lawn as it is one such place with all the food items they consume.

    Unusual Holes In Ground

    There are also ground-nesting wasps and thus they create holes in soil to build nests in and around your property. Therefore, you notice small and round holes in your garden and these holes are the entrances to their nests.

    Our Wasp Removal Services

    We are a top-tier company in Gold Coast that caters to all your problems with wasps and offers different wasp removal services. Some of these are as follows:

    • Residential Wasp Removal
    • Pre-Purchase Wasp Inspection
    • Same-Day Wasp Removal
    • Emergency Wasp Removal
    • Eco-Friendly Wasp Removal
    • Pet-Friendly Wasp Removal

    Why Are We The First Choice For Wasp Removal Service In Gold Coast?

    Environmentally Friendly Solutions

    To not take a chance of disturbing the ecosystem and wasp safety, we use environmentally friendly solutions for wasp removal.

    Regional Experts

    As we receive bookings from Gold Coast and its nearby, we recruit regional experts from every area and dispatch them accordingly.

    Obligation-Free Quote

    You will not be charged an extra penny to avail of a quote from us as we are offering it for free. However, the charge starts from $99/ per nest.

    Pocket-Worthy Service

    Every wasp removal service is independent of other services we provide and thus variations in charges, which makes us a pocket-worthy service team.

    Customised Technique

    As certified wasp specialists, we customise techniques for all species of wasp and their nest removal.

    State-Of-The-Art Equipment

    With state-of-the-art, advanced and best-in-the-industry equipment, we make your property free of wasps in no time.

    Accredited Firm

    We are a well-recognised and accredited firm in and around Gold Coast, standing at one of the topmost positions as a service provider

    What Do We Do: Our Wasp Removal Process

    Inspection For Wasps

    For residential or commercial property with a victim of a different wasp type, we provide an inspection to determine suitable plans for wasp removal and nest removal. Therefore, our topmost priority is to conduct a thorough inspection of your property and determine these things.

    • Type of wasp invasion
    • Level of infestation and
    • Location of nest
    Preparation For Treatment

    While keeping all the determinants of wasp inspection in mind, we prepare your property for treatment and bring out all of the tools, solutions and equipment. As a part of preparation for wasp treatment, we clear away the areas around wasp infestation, including pets.


    To avoid potential residues left behind after humane wasp removal, we conduct a post-inspection step. Moreover, we also monitor the treated area if the removal method we implemented is showing results or not to take necessary actions.

    Wasp Nest Removal

    Then, our wasp removal Gold Coast team wears protective gear, including wasp suits, face shields and gloves, minimising the risk of wasp stings. We use chemical-free aerosol sprays and liquid injections to remove wasps. Once wasps nests are free of wasps, we proceed with the nest removal by choosing any of the following methods:

    • Trap-out methods
    • Dusting
    • Smoke bombing
    • Foam applications
    • Physical nest removal
    • Vacuum extraction
    Preventive Measures & Documentation

    We also offer wasp preventive measures, such as sealing the access points of wasps in your place, storing away food, etc. Then, we round up the wasp nest removal process by reporting documentation to the client that consists of a detailed process.


    No, our local wasp removal services are available to all the accessible areas around Gold Coast. A few such accessible areas from the Gold Coast are Carrara, Elanora, Benowa, Ashmore, Coombabah, Given, Jacobs Well and Parkwood.

    For any service we provide for wasp removal, including large wasp nest removal, our bookings are open from dawn till dusk, 365 days a year. So, feel free to book us for regular, emergency and same-day wasp removal service.

    Generally, it takes around 2 to 4 hours for wasp nest removal but the time varies because of various reasons. Sometimes it may be because of wasp nest size and number of nests and other times location of a wasp nest at your property.