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The wasps are notorious beings that have a propensity to sting you if you disturb them. So, if you are having wasps infestations in Greenslopes, do reach out. Bee & Wasp Control Greenslopes is here with the best wasp control services. The number of Wasp Removal Greenslopes options we have are- wasp inspection and removal, domestic wasp control, restaurant wasp control and pre-purchase wasp inspection, etc. In addition to this, we are also open to emergency wasp control services and same-day treatments.

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    Pet And Child Safety Wasp Nest Control

    • Awareness is Key: Make sure everyone in your household is aware of the presence of wasp nests.Educate children about the potential dangers of wasps and the importance of avoiding nests..
    • Supervise Outdoor Play: When children are playing outdoors, keep a watchful eye on them to ensure they don’t accidentally disturb a wasp nest. Teach them to play away from areas where nests are located.
    • Restrict Access: If possible, restrict access to areas where wasp nests are present. Use physical barriers such as fencing or netting to help children and pets out of these areas.
    • Hive Relocation: Whenever possible, we relocate entire wasp nests, including the queen and colony, to a safer environment where they can continue their role in nature without posing a threat.
    • Education and Prevention: We educate clients on proactive measures to prevent future wasp infestations, minimizing the need for pest control treatments.
    • Minimal Environmental Impact: Our practices aim to minimize any negative impact on the environment, ensuring the preservation of local ecosystems.
    • Biodegradable Nest Removal: When removing nests, we use biodegradable bags and containers to ensure minimal waste and environmental impact.
    • Conservation of Beneficial Insects: We take care to protect beneficial insects like pollinators while targeting wasp populations.
    • Safe Disposal of Residues: Any residues or materials used in the removal process are disposed of responsibly, adhering to local environmental regulations.

    Two Types Of Wasps

    Australia itself has more than 10,000 wasp species. However, the few most common wasp species here are:

    • European Wasp: These are black and yellow bodied wasps. Having different marks according to species. Additionally, the worker wasp is of 12-17 mm size.
    • Yellow Jackets: These are also called social wasps. Mostly, the workers are 13 mm long. However, the queen wasps are up to 19 mm. You can identify them easily as they have 2 sets of wings and are narrow-waisted.
    Best Wasp Removal

    We Offer Wasp Removal Greenslopes Services 

    Wasp Inspection And Removal

    Wasp Inspection And Removal

    Are you noticing a few wasps wings inside your home? There may be some infestation breeding inside your property. Therefore, you must call us for wasp inspection and removal today!

    Domestic Wasp Control

    Domestic Wasp Control

    For urgent domestic wasp control service in Greenslopes, feel free to appoint us. Our wasp exterminators are professional at dealing with wasp infestations in less time.

    Restaurant Wasp Control

    Restaurant Wasp Control

    Are you in need of a wasp control service for your running restaurant? If yes, call us whenever you wish. Our restaurant wasp treatments are flexible and affordable.

    Pre-purchase Wasp Inspection

    Pre-purchase Wasp Inspection

    Do you need a pre-purchase wasp inspection in Greenslopes? Our wasp controllers will help you. We provide secure wasp treatments that help you in estimating the flaws and benefits of the place.

    Emergency Wasp Control Services

    Emergency Wasp Control services

    We are your own emergency wasp service provider in Greenslopes. Our services are open round the clock. So, do reach out whenever you need any wasp treatment.

    Same day Wasp Control

    Same day Wasp Control

    All of our wasp control offerings are run on a same-day service basis. No client has to wait for the next day to get treatment. So, why wait? Book your appointment now!

    24*7 Wasp Removal Greenslopes

    Wasps are good for the environment but not for your homes. If you are facing the most unwanted wasps signs continuously, do consult our exterminators. You can rely on our company as we stay active 24 by 7 in Greenslopes. Our wasp’s exterminators know how poisonous these wasps can be. So, we will hurriedly reach your doorstep with the most reliable wasp treatment service. We have a variety of wasp controlling tools and methods. Therefore, whenever you search for “wasp control near me” do try us out!

    Why Choose Us?

    • Low Toxic Chemicals: Our hornet & Wasp extermination do not use any toxic chemicals. Moreover, our wasp control chemicals are nature-friendly solutions.
    • Fair Pricing: We will perform your Wasp control effectively by asking for fair money from you. Indeed our services are budget-friendly.
    • Eco-Friendly Services: We do not cause any harm to the environment. possums. Our wasp control services are effective for the wasp and safe for you.
    • Round The Clock Availability: All of our Wasp Removal service workers stay available 24 by 7. Additionally, we are open on public offs and weekends as well.
    • On-Time Service: Our staff knows how to stay on time and offer punctual and on-time wasp removal services.


    On booking an appointment with us, our wasp exterminators will quickly reach your place. We begin with a visit to your garden, basement, garages, etc. Then our Greenslopes technician will spray pesticides on the wasp infestation that kills them in a few seconds.

    The best time to kill wasps is sunrise and dusk hours. In these time periods, the wasps are the least active. So, you can spray pesticides on them and clear the nest the next day.

    Wasps sprays are effective against all types of wasps. This is because such sprays consist of neutralizing chemicals and aerosol pesticides. Moreover, wasps sprays are not only effective for wasps but some other insects too.

    Jack appointed us for home wasp control service on Tuesday. Our staff reached his place and performed the treatment in 3-4 hours. We cleared 10+ wasps infestations. Later on, Jack was impressed with the treatment and thanked us.

    Greenslopes is located south of Brisbane in South-East Queensland, Australia. Greenslopes is a lively place to reside in. As it is close to the Gold Coast and many scenic beauty spots. Our staff really like working here.