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Safe Detection & Elimination Of Bees By Gold Coast Experts

Is it a bit confusing to differentiate between a wasp and a bee and are unable to find the right trick to eliminate them? Go with a professional bee removal Gold Coast team instead of implementing DIY tricks for the same. Bee Wasp Removal Brisbane is a legally licensed, certified, skilled, well-trained and experienced company to sends experts to handle your needs.

Moreover, we also have expertise in bee hive removal and ensure you the best and desirable results when you count on us for this job. Despite spotting the aggressive behaviour of bees at your Gold Coast property, we customise environmentally friendly removal methods. This is because our bee exterminators have their priorities set when it comes to the safety of bees, customers and the environment. Thus, call 07 2104 1918 for a trustworthy and experienced team of bee removal experts in Gold Coast.

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    Bees You Usually Find In Gold Coast

    European Honey Bee

    European honey bees are widely recognized in and around the Gold Coast with their attractive appearance of yellow and black striped bodies. They are found in almost all areas around the Gold Coast because European honeybees build their colonies wherever they go.

    Blue-Banded Bee

    Like their name, blue-banded bees have an appearance of distinctive metallic blue bands on their abdomen and a native species of Gold Coast. With an appropriate size between 12 and 14 mm, you can usually find them in urban parks, gardens and native vegetation locations.

    Reed Bee

    There are around 170 species of Reed bees in Australia and they vary in different sizes, between 5 and 10 mm long at most. Usually, they are very docile and sting only when they are directly provoked or their nests are disturbed.

    Carpenter Bee

    These bees are robust in size with black and shiny bodies, measuring about 15 to 25 mm in length and commonly mistaken for bumblebees. Their love for wood makes them build nests in different kinds of wood, including trees that are dead and timber structures.

    Plan Your Professional Bee Removal With Us

    Residential Bee Removal

    As a house owner, if the last thing you want to see is a beehive on your property, call us and be worry-free to avail our beehive removal service. In fact, you can even boom our residential bee removal service upon noticing the presence of bees around your Gold Coast home. Call us today to grab the best deals for residential bee removal!

    Commercial Bee Removal

    Is the buzzing noises of bees scaring away the customers at your restaurant and the same reason is bringing down your ratings? You have our bee removal Gold Coast teams back as we have commercial bee removal services to offer. Thus, restore your commercial property value by grabbing the commercial bee removal from us.

    Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

    One of the most-sorted locations for bees to build their nests is a vacant place, be it a residential property or commercial space. Therefore, immediately after purchasing a property, be a step ahead by booking us for a pre-purchase building inspection. Because it is better safe than sorry and make your dream place free of bees.

    Emergency Bee Removal

    Are bees in your garden stinging your kids whenever they are out playing with their friends? Is your pet annoyed with bees buzzing around them? Immediately hire our bee removalists for emergency bee removal services for quick and safe assistance. Contact us today and stop bees from agitating your kids and pets!

    Bee Removal Procedure: Harmless To Bees But Effective For Their Removal

    Identify The Location Of Beehive

    Immediately after you schedule an appointment with us for beehive removal for your Gold Coast property, we dispatch our local wasp removal experts. We reach your place within 1 hour of the scheduled appointment and identify all the locations of beehive infestations.

    Free Inspection

    Then, we thoroughly inspect the beehive size, type of bee, severity level of infestation and find the root cause for bees to form a colony at your premise. At the same time, we determine the right bee removal method that ensures effective results.

    Removal Plan

    Once the inspection is done, our bee removal Gold Coast team then proceeds with customising an eco-friendly removal plan. Also, we explain the customised plan of removal and take the necessary consent from you, be it for the removal method or the use of bee solutions.

    Beehive Removal Process

    While removing beehives and eliminating bees from your property, we take necessary precautions like wearing protective gear, gloves and masks. Then, we implement any of the following methods in accordance with the necessity of your place:

    • Live removal or beehive relocation
    • Chemical-free removal
    • Vacuum extraction
    • Cut and transfer
    • Fumigation as a last resort


    Lastly, we state everything we have done at your Gold Coast residential or commercial place about the beehive removal process in documents. Therefore, you also get a written and detailed version of what we have done to eliminate bees and beehive removal.

    Your Home Area Same-Day Bee Removal Experts

    More than half the population of Gold Coast has become victims of bee stings some other time and people would like to stay away from bees as far as possible. So, when you find yourself in such a situation, do not hesitate to book us for same-day bee removal Gold Coast service. We do not just do bee removal but also remove beehives and eliminate all chances of potential beehives in same-day bee removal.

    Moreover, if you are put in a difficult spot where you need to plan a birthday party for your kid as well as bee removal in 1 hour, call our bee exterminators. With the use of zero pesticides, your kids’ and the environment around them would be still safe after our same-day bee removal. Therefore, get your property bee-free by counting on our certified and vertical bee experts.

    Why Do People Choose Us For Bee Removal In Gold Coast?


    For any service you avail from us for bee removal, you find us charging affordably. Also, you are free of additional charges like payment for a quote and advice because they are absolutely free.

    24/7 Slot Bookings

    Helpful and understanding as we are, our customer support team works flexibly to take 24/7 spot bookings throughout the year. Therefore, bookings for bee removal services are available round-the-clock, 365 days.

    Advanced Techniques

    We have unparalleled knowledge when it comes to bee species and their living techniques, thus adopting advanced techniques for easy removal. In fact, we have more than 1 alternative technique for bee removal all of which give assured results.

    Licensed & Local Experts

    We made our wish of “serving everyone in and around Gold Coast” true by recruiting and dispatching local experts for every region. Moreover, every bee exterminator we dispatch for a bee removal project is legally licensed and harms no bees.

    Areas In Gold Coast & Nearby That Can Avail Our Services

    Our bee removal services are available for areas around Gold Coast too and this expansion of ours has been helping a great deal of people. Some of the surrounding areas of Gold Coast that already availed our assistance are Nerang, Beechmont, Canungra & Mt Tamborine. So, be our next client and avail yourself of affordable bee removal services in no time!


    We remove bees in the house wall, garden, above doorways, sheds, and garages, from undergoes nests, rock crevices and hollow trees. So, if you find bees in any of these locations, do contact us for bee relocation in the Gold Coast region.

    Yes, we would like to suggest that it is better to stay out of the beehive removal site for at least 2 hours, avoiding any kind of accidents. Once the beehive relocation is done, our team will inform you the same and you can come back to check the results of our work.

    No, we do not charge you for the whole beehive removal cost if you book us only inspection and we charge you call out fee alone. So, rest assured and book our local bee exterminators for inspection.